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front bungalow 
Tranquil Resort, restaurant
Tranquil Resort, restaurant
Tranquil Resort, restaurant
Tranquil Resort, sea view
Tranquil Resort, sea view


Tranquil Resort

Koh Phangan
Nai Wok
(beach front)

Koh Phangan Map

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AirCon AirCon Private Beach Private Beach Hot Shower Hot Shower Restaurant Restaurant
TV  (in restaurant) TV (in restaurant)  
Prices starting from:   10  US $
    8  Euro
    300  Baht

Tranquil Bungalow Resort is located at Naiwok bay and offers a selection of fan and air-con bungalows direcly at the beach (sunset side of the island) and a classic cocktail bar. Every Sunday authentic roast and live music at the resorts restaurant.

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Following a great day at the beach you can enjoy a cold drink and chill out at the bar of the Tranquil Resort.

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Price List:

  Low Season
1.May - 31.Oct
High Season
1.Nov - 30.Apr

Standard Family Room

400 Baht
10.44 Euro
13.08 US$
600 Baht
15.65 Euro
19.61 US$

Tranquil Resort, Standard Family Room - all photos for Standard Family Room
One double bed, one single bed, fan, hot shower, sea view

Standard Fan

300 Baht
7.83 Euro
9.81 US$
500 Baht
13.05 Euro
16.35 US$

Tranquil Resort, Standard Fan - all photos for Standard Fan
One double bed, fan, hot shower, sea view

Standard Air-Con

800 Baht
20.87 Euro
26.15 US$
1000 Baht
26.09 Euro
32.69 US$

Tranquil Resort, Standard Air-Con - all photos for Standard Air-Con
Two single beds or one double bed, air-con, fan, hot shower, sea view

Calendar with all seasons for Tranquil Resort

All year calendar with seasons

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Restaurants & Bars in Nai Wok

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