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Serenity Villas,
Serenity Villas,
Serenity Villas,
Serenity Villas,
Serenity Villas, Serenity taxi
Serenity Villas, sleeping room appartment
Serenity Villas, veranda appartment
Serenity Villas, bathroom appartment
Serenity Villas, bathroom appartment
Serenity Villas,
Serenity Villas,
Serenity Villas,
Serenity Villas, sunset appartment
Serenity Villas,
Serenity Villas, privacy on the platform
Serenity Villas, view villa no 6
Serenity Villas,
Serenity Villas, sleeping room villa
Serenity Villas,
Serenity Villas, kitchen and room Villa
Serenity Villas, Bath Villa
Serenity Villas,
Serenity Villas, Bathroom Villa
Serenity Villas, Bathroom Villa

Serenity Villas

Koh Phangan
Haad Yao
(beach front)
Private Beach Private Beach Hot Shower Hot Shower Restaurant Restaurant Refrigerator (in room) Refrigerator (in room)
TV/DVD (in room) TV/DVD (in room) Free Wi-fi Free Wi-fi Free pick-up from the boat Free pick-up from the boat  
Prices starting from:   1331  US $
    1056  Euro
    40000  Baht

1-bedroom villas and 1 bedroom appartments (two extra beds available for the appartment), free wifi, hot shower, fan, seaview and private beach. The beach is wonderfully suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

Price month: 15000/ 17000 B (Villa/ Appartment)

Promotion Villa 14000 B/ month until 15 th july.

Water & electric included, laundry in the resort available, free pick up from the pier in Thongsala for customers staying one week up.

Special group events are welcome, ask for price.


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The bungalows at Serenity Villas come with western style toilets with cold water , some types have an option of warm water shower, Air conditioning, cable TV and a mini-bar.

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Stay one week up free pick up from Thongsala pier.

Stay less than one week, pick up from Thongsala 200 Baht each person.


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